At a time when our communities are most vulnerable and our future is most precious, there is a need for prominent and influential women to sow into the young girls of our city. #OperationBlossom serves that purpose, here to harvest the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

To empower girls ages 12-18 through a series of target-specific events and programming that consistently exposes them to uplifting and inspirational women who have been where they are and are now where they one day hope to be.

#OperationBlossom is a one-on- one mentorship initiative for girls ages 12-18 years old. We will use this opportunity to engage them in conversations about self-worth, confidence and style while fostering their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and other non-traditional careers. We want to also use this platform to reward girls for academic excellence while also helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to help our girls grow into successful, phenomenal women. We want to sow into them; we want to shine a light on them; we want to shower them with love and we want to watch them BLOSSOM!