Bloom Sessions

Your Network is Your Strongest Asset – Let’s Grow It!

Beginning Fall 2016, The Bloom Experience will offer The Bloom Sessions, five interactive mee


At a time when our communities are most vulnerable and our future is most precious, there is a need for prominent and influential women to sow into



Blooming Together

There is nothing more exciting or rewarding than having your best girls along for the ride as you embark on the journey of your lifetime.   The women of The Bloom Experience will be your network, collaborators, supporters, partners and, yes, the girls along for the ride to celebrate your success. Let us into your circle […]

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As creative women embarking on our careers and following our passions, we’ve found that there is a lack of comradery, network and collaboration among creative women. Rarely are we able to connect with other creatives to contribute and share ideas, and subsequently create art together.

The lack of this network and space to share ideas, receive feedback and find interested creatives to collaborate with, particularly women, hinders the creative process. It is our goal to provide this feature of the creative process to other women through The Bloom Experience, building their networks and fueling their passions like never before.

As a creative entrepreneurial woman, we would like to invite you to be a very special part of our initiative, The Bloom Experience. We welcome you to join, participate and truly make the most of this experience. This is YOUR time to establish the creative networks that will shape your career. Let’s BLOOM together.