Bloom Sessions

Your Network is Your Strongest Asset – Let’s Grow It!

Beginning Fall 2016, The Bloom Experience will offer The Bloom Sessions, five interactive meetups for creative women, giving each the opportunity to brainstorm and share new ideas with their peers, receive feedback, discuss their upcoming events and needs, find solutions to their business problems, and discover other creative women to collaborate with. This unique opportunity will help expand your network and teams as you build your business!

This is your time to network with other business women and create. Looking for ideas for your next event or product? Need a photographer, designer, stylist or artist to collaborate with? Need help making your next business decision? This is the place to bring those problems and find SOLUTIONS – among your trusted network of creative women with your best interest in mind!


All the Business Tools You Need – In One Place!

The Bloom Sessions will also offer the opportunity for creatives to receive hands on training from with industry professionals, TBE’s Creative Leaders, to help you drive your business and and achieve your goals. These sessions will serve as your opportunity to receive hands on training in areas like financial security for your business, legal obligations and contract creation, marketing and branding, and dressing creatively, yet professionally.

These one hour seminars will help drive push creatives to secure and achieve their business goals. No more wondering how to create a fool proof contract, or trying to figure out how to balance your books – you have experts to TEACH you!


4 Creative Leaders

5 Sessions

15 Hours of Training & Collaboration

25 Creative Business Women =

A Network for a Lifetime